About VIP by DRP

VIP by DRP is an award-winning program of the Detroit Regional Partnership—designed to advance the site readiness of vacant industrial properties across the region.

At the Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP), we understand that site selection is at the core of every successful venture. But finding the perfect property can be difficult without VERIFIED site data on hand.

The Verified Industrial Properties (VIP) program takes the uncertainty out of your search by ensuring the accuracy of our due diligence. Since 2021, VIP by DRP has emerged as Michigan’s leading initiative in site readiness advancement. We help site owners cover the costs associated with land due diligence, so site consultants and companies looking to expand in our region can search with confidence, knowing that all site data has been verified by an expert, third-party source.

VIP by DRP partners with skilled civil and environmental engineering consultants to assess each VIP property and evaluate its readiness for future development. Our team then compiles that data, provides a comprehensive report, and showcases the region’s best industrial properties right here—in one convenient, searchable database.

The Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM)

From smart manufacturing to electric vehicles, the historic Motor City is shaping the future of the advanced mobility industry. Michigan is currently the #1 State in the U.S. for Automotive R&D and Production—with 26 OEM headquarters and tech centers in the Detroit Region alone. Now, we are building on our existing automotive expertise to create a more sustainable future, where the Detroit Region stands as the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM).

The VIP by DRP program is one facet of the GEM strategy, aimed at increasing our region’s ability to attract advanced mobility and manufacturing investments. We will continue to prioritize support for mobility and manufacturing projects that strengthen the Detroit Region’s automotive leadership for generations to come.

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Program Contact

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Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate