About VIP by DRP

The Verified Industrial Properties (VIP by DRP) program simplifies your site selection search with a convenient catalogue of properties in the Detroit Region.

At the Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP), we understand that site selection is at the very core of every successful venture. But finding the perfect property can be difficult without VERIFIED site data on hand.

The VIP by DRP program takes the uncertainty out of your search, ensuring the accuracy of all site due diligence. On our web portal, you can search with confidence, knowing that all verified sites have been evaluated by an independent source—unaffiliated with the site owner or broker.

The DRP partners with a team of civil and environmental engineers to collect and verify critical site information.

They assess each VIP site and evaluate its site conditions and readiness for future development. This verification process helps accelerate your search, so you can quickly evaluate whether a site is the right property for your project. Then, the DRP presents these VIP sites in one easy, searchable database. Simply browse our web portal of sites and discover viable industrial properties across the region.



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Our Verification Process

Our verification process is a collaborative effort between the Detroit Regional Partnership, local site owners and our authorized engineering consultants. Once a site is a part of VIP by DRP, we work with that site owner to begin collecting information about the property. Then, our third-party engineer experts perform an in-depth desktop due diligence on the site.

Once the verification process is complete, the site and all verified data will be publicly accessible on the VIP by DRP portal. You can easily browse for sites and curate your search results to your project needs. Learn more about the program stages here.

Due Diligence

Comprehensive desktop due diligence, including utility information and an in-depth site condition analysis

Conceptual Planning

Expert conceptual site planning to visualize the property’s potential

Physical Studies

Physical site studies based on the due diligence report and recommendations from our engineering providers

The VIP Benefits

Our mission is to help you find a property where you can prosper.

The VIP by DRP program showcases the best industrial properties available in the Detroit Region–all in one convenient, searchable database. Our team works with site owners and brokers across the region to catalog each site and its due diligence. So, you can accelerate your search and quickly secure a site where your business will succeed.

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We ensure that each site is verified for accuracy.  During your site selection search, you need comprehensive, detailed information that you can trust. Our third-party verification confirms the integrity and precision of each verified site’s due diligence, so that you can search with confidence.

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We simplify the site selection process. After verifying the collected site data, we compile that due diligence on the VIP by DRP web portal. This makes it easy for you to efficiently browse the Detroit Region for industrial properties that suit your project needs. Then, once you find the perfect property, we can connect you with the site owner and help you make a deal.

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We connect you with the Detroit Region. While site selection is critical, it’s not the only factor that influences your location decision. The Detroit Regional Partnership is here to help you research our industry ecosystem and navigate your project needs. Our team stands ready to assist you with any data requests, workforce information, local incentives, site visits and more as you explore the region.

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And all of these services are offered at no cost to you. The VIP by DRP program is publicly available to all companies and site selectors, with no commitment necessary to access the portal. And the costs associated with the verification process have been proactively paid for by the site owners.

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate