VIP for Site Owners

VIP by DRP is designed to advance the site readiness and marketability of vacant industrial properties like yours.

At the Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP), we help hundreds of companies and site selectors explore the 11-County Detroit Region each year. But without VERIFIED due diligence on hand, viable properties often go unseen and unsold.

The Verified Industrial Properties (VIP) program keeps your site from slipping through the cracks by investing in your success. VIP by DRP helps cover the costs associated with due diligence and promote your property to a broad pool of potential projects and prospects.

International companies and global site consultants know the Detroit Regional Partnership and trust that our Verified Industrial Properties are a cut above the rest—complete with detailed due diligence and development support.



How it Works

1. Selected for the VIP Treatment. Quarterly, the Detroit Regional Partnership will conduct a region-wide search to identify vacant industrial properties primed to attract jobs and investment to our community. Once the review process is complete, you will be personally notified if your property has been selected to participate in the program.

2. Up to $216,000 in Site Readiness Grants. VIP by DRP currently offers three levels of site readiness support, beginning with desktop due diligence before progressing to physical site studies and site planning. Together, these three levels help transition your property through the sales journey—from initial due diligence to final project development.

3. Strategic Promotion to Potential Investors. VIP properties gain access to exclusive marketing benefits and promotional support from the Detroit Regional Partnership, including custom marketing materials, social media outreach, and visibility in our business development proposals.

VIP by DRP currently offers three levels of site readiness support—designed to relieve the financial burden of your due diligence and increase the visibility of your property to prospective buyers around the world.

Desktop Due Diligence

Est. $16,000 Value

A comprehensive initial assessment of the property, including verified utility information and an in-depth site condition analysis.

Physical Site Studies

Est. $100,000 Value

Engineers conduct a series of physical site studies in order to provide a complete marketing package for prospective buyers.

Project Support

Est. $100,000 Value

Once selected for a project, buyers may receive funds for additional studies and site plans to ensure they are ready for development.

VIP Support Levels

Desktop Due Diligence — Est. $16,000 Value

Quarterly, the Detroit Regional Partnership will invite 10 vacant industrial properties to join the VIP program and receive a FREE desktop due diligence report.

This support level will directly subsidize the cost of hiring one of our approved civil engineering contractors to evaluate your property in several key areas, including: utilities, easements, zoning, environmental conditions, and other site features.

Once this process is complete, your property will be featured here on the VIP by DRP web portal, displayed alongside a custom drone video and the complete due diligence report. Sites at this level can also qualify for up to $200,000 in further support after an additional quarterly review. DRP will notify you if your site has been selected to advance to the next support level.

Physical Site Studies — Est. $100,000 Value

Each quarter, DRP will select up to 5 VIP sites that best align with the program’s goals to receive an additional $100,000 in funding for physical site studies.

Contractors will expand on your existing due diligence with a variety of studies, such as a Phase I Environmental, flow test, wetland delineation, geotechnical report, and other assessments to help prospective buyers determine whether your site suits their needs.

This support level is designed to provide a complete marketing package for site owners and brokers to take to market—including a detailed Offering Memorandum that summarizes the key selling points for your property.

Project Support — Est. $100,000 Value

Once your site has been selected, VIP by DRP is here to help you seal the deal. VIP properties with committed buyers are eligible for up to $100,000 in support for projects that will demonstrably create new jobs in the Detroit Region.

Committed buyers may use these funds to conduct additional site studies, create a site plan, and even invest in project management as they begin to consider everything from incentives to utilities.

At this support level, companies and site selectors will also benefit from other no-cost services offered by the Detroit Regional Partnership, such as market visits, talent solutions, and data requests. Whatever their project needs, our team is ready to help prospective buyers find their home on your property.



Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate