VIP for Site Selectors

VIP by DRP offers a convenient catalog of vacant land in the Detroit Region—with opportunities to unlock $100,000 in support for your project.

The Verified Industrial Properties (VIP) program is here to help companies find a property where they can prosper. Our team works with site owners across the region to catalog the best industrial properties available in our market, so you can accelerate your search and quickly secure a site where your business will succeed. 

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Explore Sites with Verified Due Diligence. During your site selection search, you need comprehensive, detailed information that you can trust. Our expert civil engineering consultants carefully evaluate each VIP property to ensure its data is reliable, accurate, and consistent with industry standards.

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Simplify Your Site Selection Search. Once all due diligence is verified, our team showcases each site on the VIP by DRP web portal. This convenient database makes it easy for you to browse the Detroit Region for vacant industrial properties, while curating your search results to match your unique project needs.

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Connect with the Detroit Region. Site selection may be important, but it isn’t the only factor in your location decision. The Detroit Regional Partnership is here to help you explore the Detroit market, assisting you with demographic intelligence, talent solutions, market visits and more—all at no cost to you!

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Unlock More Opportunities for Financial Support. When you select a VIP site for your project, you will be automatically considered to receive up to $100,000 in Project Support. Prospective buyers may use these funds to conduct additional site studies, create a site plan, or even invest in project management as you get ready for development.



Projects on VIP sites are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in further support.

If you choose a VIP property for your project, VIP by DRP is here to support your success every step of the way. Once you commit to building on a VIP site, your project will be considered for an additional $100,000 in Project Support to help plan your development and accelerate your timeline.

Only one site will be selected to receive this Project Support each quarter—with priority going toward projects that create quality jobs in the advanced mobility and manufacturing sectors. Once awarded, these funds may be used to invest in additional site studies and even site planning, as you begin to consider everything from incentives to utilities.

At this level, you may also benefit from the other no-cost services offered by the Detroit Regional Partnership. As the region’s premier economic development organization, DRP provides assistance to hundreds of companies and site selectors interested in the 11-County Detroit Region. Our team is prepared to help you explore the surrounding market, navigate the permitting process, hire diverse talent and even secure a strong incentives package.

Whatever support you need, DRP is here to help you find your home in the Detroit Region.

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate