Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

Who is the person listed as the site contact on the portal?

The site owner and representatives determine who is identified contact on the siteOur portal allows for two owner representatives that include both email and phone contacts as primary point of contact. Our goal is to position your reps as the first point of contact for the sites for inquiries.

Site Selector/End User Questions

Property Owner Questions

What is the role of the VIP program versus a broker?

We respect the role of brokers, and DRP doesn’t serve as the role of the broker. VIP is not meant to replace your broker. The VIP program works with you to understand your site’s conditions so DRP can transparently highlight the site conditions to end -users so they can make decisions more quickly. VIP is additional exposure to your site. 

DRP does not take a commission on a transaction, is not part of the negotiation and not marketing your site exclusively.    As an added value, DRP has a cultivated audience of leading site selectors and corporate executives outside of Michigan on an ongoing basis. We talk to more than 2,000 companies a year and help approximately 300 active leads in the market for investment. We communicate with the top 500 site selectors on a monthly basis. 

How long does the process take for a site to go through the program?

Once an intake form is filled out, a kickoff meeting is scheduled between DRP, our providers (site engineers) and site owner/broker. The due diligence report can take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During that time our licensed drone pilot is shooting drone video and taking pictures and our marketing team is populating the site profile, workforce analytics, creating a site brochure (if applicable). 

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate