Fort Street Industrial Campus

6701 W. Fort Street

Detroit, MI 48209














Intensive Industrial


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Property Description

This approximately 10 acre site is located near the future Gordie Howe International Bridge (under construction) in Detroit, Michigan with easy access to I-75, I-96, and M-10. The site is zoned for intensive industrial use and sits within a federally approved opportunity zone and energy ready census tract. This location offers connectivity and synergistic opportunities for businesses seeking to expand or establish their presence in the region.

In 2023, the site underwent a comprehensive due diligence review through the VIP program, including a detailed site condition analysis, comprehensive information on utility providers and capacity, and a comprehensive report on site details (full report in the document library below).

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning: M-4; Intensive Industrial District

Current Land Use: Vacant land

Future Land Use: Industrial development

Site Conditions

Greenfield or Brownfield: Brownfield

Above ground structures: None – All structures associated with the former high school were demolished in 2022 and 2023

Floodplain: No 100-year floodplain or 500-year floodplain

Wetlands: No mapped wetlands on the Site

Topographic Elevation: Elevation of the site ranges between approximately 588 and 592 feet above sea level

Soil Types:

  • Urban Land-Fortress Family Complex (UrbaoB), 0 to 4 percent slopes
  • Fortress Family (FrtaaB), 0 to 6 percent slopes


  • 4 foot wide Ingress & Egress Easement along south line of the Site
  • 3 foot wide Gas Easement in the west portion of the Site between Fort Street and the property south of the Site

T&E Species:

  • Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalist)
  • Tricolored Bat (Perimyotis subflavus)
  • Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus)
  • Northern Riffleshell (Epioblasma rangiana)

Archaeological & Cultural Resources: If any federal funding or permitting is involved in the development of the Site,
the SHPO may require a formal assessment of effects for the proposed development on the NRHP-listed and eligible properties listed in the due diligence report.


electric utilities icon


Provider: DTE Energy

Current Service: Site isn’t currently served, 13.2 kV aerial system on west side of Waterman St.

Assumed Demand: 2 MW

Recommendations: Facilities will be sized to meet the energy needs of the customer and available system capacity determined at the time of a specific request


gas utilities icon

Natural Gas

Provider: DTE Energy

Current Service: 6” distribution gas main with MAOP of 10 psig along north side of Fort St.

Assumed Demand: 9 MCFH baseline demand

Recommendations: N/A


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Provider: Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Current Service: Site is not currently served; 54” main in Post Street; 12” main in Fort Street; 6” main in Post Street; 6” main in Waterman Street

Assumed Demand: 50,000 GPD baseline demand

Recommendations: The assumed demand baseline for the Site can be met. Correspondence with DWSD is needed to determine which water main should be tapped for a specific demand

sewer utility icon


Provider: Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Current Service: There are two existing 15” combined sewers running south-north across the west portion of the Site

Assumed Demand: 40,000 GPD

Recommendations: Correspondence with DWSD and the property owner south of the Site is recommended to understand options for rerouting and/or demolishing the two existing combined sewers running across the Site

Workforce Data

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Proximity to Highways

Site access on Fort Street (M-85), Post Street, & Waterman Street

0.5 miles to I-75 access

Proximity to Rail

Less than 1/10 mile to Class 1 Norfolk Southern/CSX Railroad

Less than 1 mile to ContainerPort Group terminal located at 8501 Fort Street

Proximity to Airports

9 miles to Coleman A. Young Airport (Detroit, MI)

14 miles to Detroit Metro Airport (Romulus, MI)

Document Library

Desktop Due Diligence Report

Site Maps

Demographic & Business Data

Workforce Profile

Marketing Flyer

Regional Overview

Site Contacts

Site Contact

Kevin George

Friedman Real Estate


Phone: 248-324-2000

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate