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Property Description

If you are looking for a prime location for your office, research, or light industrial business, look no further than this site. This property offers a rare opportunity to acquire a large land parcel in a highly desired area, located near many automotive and engineering companies. This 22 acre Auburn Hills site is conveniently located between Harmon Road and two major highways: I-75 and M-24, providing easy access to Detroit, Flint, and other surrounding areas. The property is located within a major corridor of office, research and development, and industrial facilities for automotive and engineering companies.

In 2023, the site underwent a comprehensive due diligence review through the VIP program, including a detailed site condition analysis, comprehensive information on utility providers and capacity, and a comprehensive report on site details (full report in the document library below).

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning: T&R; Technology and Research District

Current Land Use: Unimproved natural woodlands

Future Land Use: Office, Research & Development, or Light Industrial

Site Conditions

Greenfield or Brownfield: Greenfield

Above ground structures: No above ground structures were identified on the site. The site is densely wooded and vegetated, with a paved shared access road in the northwest corner of the property.

Floodplain: No 100-year floodplain or 500-year floodplain

Wetlands: There are several areas of wetlands on the property. Wetlands are located primarily in the southern, low-lying areas of the property. Based on a review of
publicly available wetland data and a previously completed ecological survey, an estimated 4.7 to 5.5 acres of total wetlands are located on the property. A detailed summary of the sources reviewed is in the desktop due diligence report in the document library.

Topographic Elevation: Elevation of the site ranges between approximately 940 and 1,000 feet above sea level

Soil Types:

  • Fox sandy loam, Huron Lobe, 6%-12% slopes (±21.2%)
  • Marlette sandy loam, 6%-12% slopes (±18.7%)
  • Marlette sandy loam, 1%-6% slopes (±17.4%)
  • Capac sandy loam, 0%-4% slopes (±16.1%)
  • Spinks loamy sand, 12% to 35% slopes (±15.6%)
  • Houghton and Adrian mucks, (10.7%)
  • Aquents, sandy, loamy, undulating (0.2%)
  • Arkport loamy fine sand, 6% to 12% slopes (0.1%)


  • An access easement for ingress/egress of the entire existing shared access road and driveways.
  • A sanitary sewer easement on the adjacent property to the east extends slightly into the southeast corner of the property.

T&E Species: Based on a review of the US Fish & Wildlife Service Threatened and Endangered Species Listings Summary Table and the EDR NEPASearch Map Report, no permits were identified.

Archaeological & Cultural Resources: The EDR NEPASearchTM Map Report did not identify any listings within a one mile radius of the subject site.


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Provider: DTE Energy

Current Service: Existing low voltage 13.2 kV overhead power lines located along the south side of Harmon Road

Assumed Demand: 2 MW 3-phase electric

Recommendations: Compare the development demand needs with the available supply when a user is determined, or as early as possible in the project development process. Coordinate with DTE to make a more formal request for the specific capacity needed for an identified user’s operations. 


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Natural Gas

Provider: Consumers Energy

Current Service: An existing 2 inch gas main line is stubbed at the north end of the property, at the end of the existing shared driveway. There are two existing 5/8 inch gas service lines stemming from the main that provide service to the two existing buildings north of the property.

Assumed Demand: 9 MCFH baseline demand

Recommendations: As a proposed development for this site moves forward and more specific user demands are determined, confirm with Consumers Energy that capacity is sufficient.


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Provider: City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works

Current Service: 12 inch water main is stubbed on site, near the northwest corner of the property

Assumed Demand: 50,000 GPD baseline demand

Recommendations: As a proposed development for this site moves forward and more specific user demands are determined, confirm with the city that capacity is sufficient.

sewer utility icon


Provider: City of Auburn Hills Department of Public Works

Current Service: 10 and 12 inch sanitary sewer is located along nearly the entire western and southern boundaries of the site

Assumed Demand: 40,000 GPD

Recommendations: The site
appears to be well-positioned for providing sanitary service without any major infrastructure upgrades. Coordinate and communicate with the City of Auburn Hills throughout the engineering design and construction process to ensure a successful outcome of the proposed sanitary sewer’s integration with the existing infrastructure. 

Workforce Data

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Proximity to Highways

Site access on Harmon Road

0.6-mile drive to M-24 access

1-mile drive to I-75 access

Proximity to Rail

1 mile to Class 1, CN railroad

4.5 miles to CN Pontiac Terminal

Proximity to Airports

32 miles to Bishop International Airport (Flint, MI)

33 miles to Detroit Metro Airport (Romulus, MI)

Document Library

Desktop Due Diligence Report

Site Maps

Marketing Flyer

Demographic & Business Data

Workforce Profile

Regional Overview

Site Contacts

Site Contact

Dusty Duistermars

Koch Industries

Email: dusty.duistermars@kochcc.com

Phone: 616-201-7780

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate