Parmenter Road Industrial Park

Parmenter Road

Corunna, MI 48817
















Property Description

Parmenter Road Industrial park is a 130 acre undeveloped, greenfield site located near the interstate, commercial airports, and an active railroad with the potential for an on site spur. Electric, water, gas, sanitary, and fiber optic utility lines are present or closely situated to the site and there are no floodplains on-site. Transportation and utility infrastructure upgrades have already been made to prepare for industrial development at this site and the neighboring site across the road. In 2022 the site underwent a comprehensive desktop due diligence review through the VIP program, including a detailed site condition analysis, comprehensive information on utility providers and capacity, and a comprehensive report on site details.

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning: I (Industrial)

Current Land Use: Agricultural/Open Space

Future Land Use: The city’s Future Land Use map designates the site for a “Heavy Industrial” development. No changes from an industrial site are anticipated.

Site Conditions

Greenfield or Brownfield: Greenfield

Above ground structures: McBride Branch & Lateral Drain #319

Floodplain: No 100-year floodplain or 500-year floodplain on-site

Wetlands: McBride Branch & Lateral Drain #319 are classified as Riverine Wetlands by the National Wetlands Inventory, and the other potential  regulated wetland is on the southeastern-most corner of the site, this area appears to be no larger than 0.5 acres

Topographic Elevation: Site elevations range between approximately 784’ and 808’ and are lowest north of the drain branch running west to east

Soil Types: The USDA Web Soil Survey indicates the presence of various loams, sandy loams, and loamy sands across the site


  • Consumers Energy Company Easements
  • Losco Land Company
  • City of Corunna Utility Easement

T&E Species: Additional site investigative activities are recommended to address the potential threatened and endangered species identified and the impact, if any, to the property

Archaeological & Cultural Resources: The EDR NEPA Search Map Report identified one listing within a one-mile radius of the subject site that does not pose a threat to the property




Provider: Consumers Energy

Current Service: One single-phase lower voltage power distribution line runs along Parmenter Rd at the northwestern portion of the site, and another runs along Parmenter Rd just south of the site. 

Assumed Demand: 10 MW (megawatts) 3-phase electric

Recommendations: To meet the assumed demand of 10 MW an industrial substation and line extension would be required



Natural Gas

Provider: Consumers Energy

Current Service: Existing 6 inch main line is located along the west side of Parmenter Road

Assumed Demand: 10,000 mcf/month

Recommendations: The capacity of the existing natural gas infrastructure should be sufficient for a potential development’s assumed demand




Provider: City of Corunna

Current Service: 12 inch water main line along the northwest border of the site

Assumed Demand: 150,000 GPD

Recommendations: The available capacity of the 12-inch line to service the site appears adequate for the development




Provider: City of Corunna

Current Service: 8-inch line along the northwest border of the site

Assumed Demand: 100,000 GPD

Recommendations: Available capacity in the 8-inch line servicing the site appears adequate

Workforce Data

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Total Businesses



60-Minute Drive




Total Businesses




Proximity to Highways

Site Access on Parmenter Road

0.5 miles to state highway M-71

7 miles to I-69 access

Proximity to Rail

The Huron & Eastern Railway line runs east-west along the northern border of the site, with the potential for an on-site spur

Owosso rail yard – 2 miles

Proximity to Airports

21 miles to Bishop International Airport (Flint, MI)

40 miles to Capital Region International Airport (Lansing, MI)

95 miles to Detroit Metro Airport (Romulus, MI)

Document Library

Tier-1 Site Due Diligence Report

Site Maps

Demographic & Business Data

Workforce Profile

Marketing Flyer

Regional Overview

Site Contacts

Local Contact

Justin Horvath

Chief Executive Officer

Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership 

Phone: 989-725-9241

Program Contact

Verified Industrial Properties program contact photo
Shannon Selby

Vice President of Real Estate